Richard May and family love Whatcom County.


Daughters Ruby & Tilly, Richard and wife Melanie.

Richard May's family: Wife Melanie has a masters degree and is BCBA board certified positive behavior consultant working with disabled, deaf, and autistic persons. She volunteers with the PTO, has taught introductory sign language at the local library. Daughter Ruby in some years is a straight A 4.0 student, has performed in many school plays, sometimes as the lead, and participated in a project to install historic informative plaques on noteworthy buildings in Blaine city. Ruby and her sister Tilly play and record many musical instruments. Tilly won a coloring contest as a preschooler and enjoys making art. Their home also has a chihuahua named Gringo Starr. Their household is of mixed faith observance.

Richard has traveled extensively, and has studied many languages and cultures. In childhood he was an honors adjudicated opera singer, and has played and performed on a variety of instruments and songs to audiences of thousands.

After completing high school, Richard got his chef's diploma and worked in restaurants and catering for over three decades, while also doing contract work in entertainment production including film, video, audio, and live performance. On two separate occasions in young adulthood, Richard experienced extended lack of employment and lack of housing, once from a devastating auto accident & injury, and once from financial economic conditions. These experiences have informed him on just how hard it can be to regain financial independence, and what kind of supports might be most needed.


Richard bought his property in Blaine in 1994, and his daughters are the 5th generation of the May family representing 120 years in Washington State since Louie May senior came out from Kentucky for the 1898 Klondike gold rush, coming back empty handed and settling in Edmonds, WA (North Seattle area), where Louie May junior lived out his entire life, and raised his son Richard May senior (Richard May's father), who graduated from Walla Walla university, then got a PHD in California, then returned to the Pacific Northwest as a university professor and at one point authored a psychology text book.


Richard May is named after decorated US Marine F. Richard May, brother of Louie May junior.


Richard's mother's grandfather, John Tobyn was chief of Spokane Water & Power Authority from 1918-1946


Richard's grandmother worked at Washington Power and Light, was the first female bassist for the Spokane Symphony Orchestra, advanced in politics as national vice chair of Eisenhower's 1956 campaign, then served on the Republican National Committee.


Richard's mother has a Masters in Theology, and worked for the church for many decades. (that's Richard, alter boy).