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This is a local-based grassroots campaign, with support and fundraising coming almost entirely from right here in Whatcom County, not Seattle, out of state, or DC. Below, you will find a partial selection of individual endorsements, and the section farther below lists some highlights from the Public Disclosure Commission's public records of who has supported Richard May so far.

Clean and Sustainable: Richard May has the most environmental group endorsements awarded for this primary, and is the only candidate in this race with a history of advocacy and volunteering for environmental groups such as work parties for NSEA and serving on the exec committee for our 3-county Sierra Club group. Richard is also proudly endorsed by Humane Voters of WA.
Working and Small Business: As a small business owner, trade school grad, and longtime wage earner working with his hands, Richard is endorsed by several labor unions including AFSCME local 1381. Laborers 292, UFCW3000, and WFSE council 28.


Selection of featured endorsements for Richard May


Rebecca Xczar, Whatcom County Assessor, former Ferndale city council

Terry Bornemann, many term member of Bellingham City Council

Steve Harris, 25 years County law enforcement, labor leader

Gene Knutson, many term member of Bellingham City Council

Greg Hansen, mayor of Ferndale

Michael McAuley, two term Commissioner, Port of Bellingham

Sukhwant Singh Gill, Sikh community leader, former Blaine city council member

Betty Desire, publisher of The Betty Pages

And a big thank you for all support
from community members including (source: PDC)

(support such as campaign contributions. See section above for endorsements)


Satpal Sidhu, Whatcom County Executive

Mary Lou Steward, mayor, Blaine

David Gallion, former chair, Blaine planning commission

Jennifer Plombon, Blaine planning commissioner

John Lesow, former Whatcom planning commissioner

Richard Mitchell, former staff council to WA state governor

Luis Moscoso, 3 term state representative

Stewart Henderson, WA state energy policy advisor

Bruce Prior, former State Department translator

Lisa Anderson, Bellingham City Council member

Civic leaders

Joan Airoldi, former director of Whatcom County Library System

Melodie Finnson, former president Blaine Community Theater

Medical Professionals

Mira Swiecicki OD

Michael Chiavario

George Rofkar MD

Lora Sherman MD

Wendy Czopp PhD

Mary Ellen Shields MD


John Bosche, former school board member, Meridian School District

Bruce Burpee, retired Director of Curriculum, Meridian School District

Russ Pfeiffer-Hoyt, President, Mount Baker School Board

Amy Nylen, teacher, Ferndale

Alicia Gabrielson, teacher, Ferndale

John Whitmer, Professor Emeritus, WWU

Bob Feaster, Blaine School District

Edoh Amiran, Professor WWU

Business Leaders

Patrick Alesse, owner C Shop, Birch Bay

Victoria Savage, former owner, North Fork Brewery

Vicky R, manager, Bellingham branch of national restaurant

Dorie Belisle, former owner Bellewood Acres


Laurel Cook

Jeannine Tater

Bonne Broadway

Alta Toler

Eliana Steele

Thomas Brakke

Peter Drewes

Tom Goetzl

Ronalee Kinkaid

Jim Hansen

Janet Lutz-Smith

Sharon Smith, former vice chair, WA State Democrats

Pat Notter, former DNC member

Nancy Monacelli, former DNC member


Ralph Gorin, the guy who invented spell check

Tyrel Haveman, aviation systems developer

Ray Poorman, fiber internet

Josh Noble, ai tech


Stephen Jackson

Drew Pettus

Robbi Ferron

Tom Stuen

First Responders

Ron Morehouse, fire fighter

Todd Lagestee, fire fighter

Steve Harris, detective and labor leader of Deputy Sheriffs

Selected Community Members

Bob Cecile, Marine Resources Committee

Maggie Hanson

Rosemary Woodyard

Warren Sheay

Joe Kirkman, cattle rancher

Shirley Zuanich , wild fish vendor

Roz Spitzer, author


The support that means the most, is from all of you, the voters right here in the district. Both times that Richard May has been on the November ballot, he has been the overwhelming favorite, winning by 75% in his most recent election (in a town that's 50/50 Democrat/Republican). Richard has only accepted support without conditions, no strings attached, so that he can do right by all of the people of the 42nd district.